Usability improvements 😃
Formatting long notes
For long documents that extend beyond your viewport, formatting controls will stick to the top and bottom of the page to avoid heavy scrolling.
Share settings operate better behind the scenes.
  • When you adjust share settings for a doc, they will update immediately instead of only being applied when the modal is closed. This will make it easier to test public links in realtime.
  • When hovering over the
    button of any document, you will see a preview of who has access.
  • Regardless of the public link toggle for a document, you can now email document links to anyone from the share modal.
User search
  • In the ‘Manage Team’ page, we added support for a search filter on the user list. This should make it easier for admins to find users and adjust permissions.
Email notifications
All email notifications have been redesigned to present information in a more helpful way and make it easier to find.