Related notes — now even more relatable 🎁
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Related Notes has an improved design to provide more helpful information at a glance. You'll get more accurate detection for recurring meetings. Plus, the list of recurring meetings stays open so that you can refer to them more easily.
iOS app improvements 😊
iPhone app beta testers will enjoy the following updates:
  • The bottom nav is taller and easier to reach
  • Top and bottom navigation bars collapse to improve readability when scrolling through long agendas / notes
Stability 💪
Stability is improved for the following scenarios:
  • Having the same draft open in multiple tabs in the same browser
  • Re-establishing connections when a draft is left open for prolonged periods of browser inactivity
May 28, 2020 🛠️
  • Fixed a bug where declined attendees would still show up in Hugo meetings
  • Fixed a bug where some tooltips would not disappear when mousing away 😡
  • Fixed a bug where the Chrome extension composer would display a ‘disconnected’ message even though the connection was fine
Multi-calendar support 📆📅📆
calendars in hugo
If you have
multiple calendars
in the
same email account
, you can now prepare for and take notes for those meetings in Hugo.
Head to Settings > Profile to see your calendars and choose which ones are enabled for you.
  • Previously, only meetings in your primary calendar would sync. Now you can see meetings in
    shared calendars
    as well
  • Only meetings that have you as an attendee will show up in your My Meetings list
  • If you are a G Suite admin, you may have access to other people's calendars, which means they may also show up on this list
Scrollbars in Windows & Linux 📊
For our PC/Windows and Linux users, we now have better handling of scrollbars to prevent them from covering your content in Hugo.
May 18, 2020 🛠️
  • Fixed a bug where some tags were not returning search results
  • Fixed a bug where words with underscores _before, or in_between them would convert to
    italicized text
  • Fixed a bug where long notes were not always wrapping and partially cut off from the screen viewport
  • Fixed a bug where Pipedrive errors were triggered if a meeting attendee matched a deal that had been deleted
  • Fixed a bug where composing new documents was disrupted for some Safari users
Easy invite links 😄🔗
invite teammates
Rather than typing email addresses, you can now simply share a unique invite link with your team. Anyone who clicks the link will be directed to join your organization in Hugo.
For example, share your link in a Slack or Teams channel to make it easy for your team to join you rather than inviting people one-by-one.
Chrome Extension updates 🤖
  • When creating a new meeting in Google Calendar, Hugo agenda/note buttons will not show up until the invite has been sent
  • Hugo agenda/note buttons will not be displayed in Google Calendar for meetings that you’re not attending (i.e. when viewing a colleague’s shared calendar)
May 7, 2020 🛠️
  • Fixed a typo in Slack notifications for an upcoming meeting
  • Fixed a bug where Slack notifications didn’t include who saved the note and the meeting it was for
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