Forms 🗳️
We will soon be providing
beta access
for embedding forms in Hugo docs.
Some uses for forms:
  • Collect feedback on topic
  • Note sales or customer info in a structured way
  • Collect data across multiple meetings to compare
  • Poll attendees (e.g. Was this meeting a good use of time. 1-5)
The Forms beta will only be available for teams on the Pro plan.
Please email if you would like to be included in this beta program. This will also require some time for a feedback call with the term.
Founding customer badge 🏆
Screen Shot 2021-05-13 at 10
Our founding customers have a badge in their Account menu and Billing page.
Screen Shot 2021-05-13 at 10
Click it to see how many days and meetings you've improved with Hugo.
User experience enhancements 🦋
  • You can now preview and import templates from the settings page.
  • Updated the onboarding checklist.
Loom video player 📺
When you add a Loom link to a Hugo doc, the player will be displayed in-line.
Screen Shot 2021-05-13 at 10
May 12, 2021 🛠
  • Fixed a bug for updated notifications to preparation docs.
  • Fixed a bug for accessing Zoom recordings in Hugo.
  • Fixed a bug for accessing Teams call links in Hugo.
Tags and app actions enhancements 👍
  • Click a document tag to see all docs with that #tag.
  • New empty state for app actions. Before any actions are added (e.g. Post note to Slack), you will now see a list of your connected apps.
Doc stability 🛡
Backend improvements to further enhance stability when collaborating on notes and preparation docs.
May 6, 2021 🛠
  • Fixed a bug preventing some users from completing tasks on the Tasks page.
  • Fixed a bug where the
    key would not remove text in lists.
  • Fixed a bug where hyperlinks with special characters would not save correctly.
Meetings page 'empty state' 📆📝
Loom screenshot
When no meeting is selected in Hugo, you now have a handy empty state to get on top of your week and make your meetings more productive:
Prepare for this week and next.
Quick access to meetings that haven't been prepared for.
Private Scratchpad.
A place for loose or private notes that don't belong in a meeting doc.
Outstanding drafts.
A list of notes to be saved.
Onboarding checklist.
Simple activities to learn the Hugo basics.
For a keyboard shortcut, press the ESC key to deselect your current meeting and quickly view this screen.
Request to skip a meeting 🙋
request to skip meeting (1)
It’s okay to skip a meeting if you don’t need to attend. Click
[🙋 Request to skip]
to send a polite request to the organizer directly from Hugo.
If you’re the meeting organizer and would like to check with attendees about canceling for everyone, you can use the same feature.
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