Usability! 🙌
Expand/collapse actions pane in more places:
  • When reading saved docs, you can now expand/collapse the actions pane as needed.
  • When previewing a doc in the sidebar, you can now expand/collapse the actions pane as needed.
Better default dates:
  • Improvements to the behavior for default date ranges.
  • Clicking the Hugo logo or "My meetings" resets the date range to = today.
  • Loading without an interaction id sets the date range to = today.
Other improvements:
  • Better treatment for the ‘Join Call’ buttons when a meeting contains more than one link (i.e. Zoom and Google Meet).
  • Better UI treatment for the hyperlink preview when the hyperlinked text is on the very edge of the composer margin.
Performance! 🏃💨
Notes page performance as well as performance when loading the app for the first time have both been improved.
Dec 2, 2020 🛠️
  • Fixed a bug for the new Chrome extension that caused some meetings to register as “not found” when loading for the first time.
  • Fixed a bug on the Notes page where the dropdown list for note filters would be behind meeting titles on Chrome for Windows.
  • Resolved an issue where CMD + SHIFT + DOWN ARROW would not select all of the content in a doc.
  • Fixed a bug where pasting content into a list item would break the list indentation for the line below.
  • Fixed a bug where impromptu notes were not saving for some users.
Chrome extension updates 🤖📅
  • Hugo buttons now load instantly in your Google calendar
  • Task creation is now supported in the Chrome Extension
  • Added support for the date picker and date shortcuts to make it much easier to find meetings
  • Note composer controls stick to the top when working on longer docs
  • Numerous bug fixes
  • More to come soon!
Meeting loading performance 🚀
Enjoy performance improvements when loading meetings and switching between meetings.
Nov 24, 2020 🛠️
  • Fixed a bug where your meeting list would scroll on its own when unchecking a filter on the Notes page
  • Fixed a bug where long URLs would break in the Slack note post
  • Fixed a bug where the comment button would be displayed over the comment text
  • Fixed a bug where the state of a checkbox (checked/unchecked) was not retained when copy/pasting
  • Fixed a bug where some formatting buttons were not accessible in the template editor
  • Fixed a bug where results were not returning for the text filter in the Tasks page
Email: Your week in meetings 🤓
Receive a weekly email on Friday afternoons that analyzes your week in meetings and helps you prepare for next week before you log off for the day 😉
Preparation tasks expanded by default ↕️
Preparation tasks will be expanded by default when viewing relevant notes so you can see them without clicking. Previously they were collapsed.
Nov 17, 2020 🛠️
  • Fixed a bug where the option to set “Do not post” as a Slack default was unavailable in /settings/Slack
  • Resolved a number of regressions that impacted stability when composing new docs
  • Fixed a bug for Windows users that broke sticky composer controls when expanding related notes
Check/uncheck without editing ✅
Checkboxes can now be checked/unchecked without having to edit a meeting preparation or note doc.
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