Updates for beta Calendar users 💡
To participate in the beta program for calendar functionality, email josh@hugo.team.
Check out this beta update summary video ☝️ of the new features, or read about them below.
New updates for beta Calendar users:
• You can now search your calendar for past and upcoming meetings, even if they don’t contain a Hugo doc. Click the
magnifying glass
icon at the top of the date-picker to search your calendar.
• When clicking
Week view
, the UI will set your working hours at the top of the page (hiding your non-working hours and avoiding unnecessary scrolls).
Fixed a number of Calendar bugs reported by users:
• When editing an event that already has a VC link, the link is retained.
• When emailing attendees, the field
Send copy to me
now works when enabled.
• When emailing attendees, the text field no longer breaks for long messages.
• When dragging a meeting to edit its start/stop times, but then discarding those edits, the UI will snap the meeting back to its original position.
• In the dropdown menu, added back a link to the event in Google/Office 365 calendar.
New `My Drafts` page
Screen Shot 2021-09-15 at 10
Located under Docs in the left-hand nav is
My Drafts
. Navigate here to:
  • Easily see all outstanding drafts that need to be saved
  • Save meeting docs in bulk or one-by-one
Dashboard improvements 🎛️
new hugo dashboard (1)
New dashboard cards:
  • 📅 Meetings card
    - An easy way to scan for what’s happening this week and see which meetings need a doc.
  • ✅ Tasks card
    - See what % of tasks are completed.
  • ⚙️ Settings
    - The dashboard now has a three-dot menu in the top right to configure settings for cards.
  • 🌈 New scratchpad colors
    are now supported. Use the three-dot menu to set your color.
  • ⬇️
    The getting started checklist has been moved
    to the
    Learn Hugo
    sidebar in the lower left. There you can also access on-demand video product tutorials.
📅 Calendar & meeting invites
Seeking Beta Users:
Schedule and update meetings directly from a new calendar view in Hugo. Now you can schedule a meeting and create a doc all in the same place.
We’re initially ready to provide early access for Google users only. Support for Office 365 is coming soon.
We ask that our beta users join short Zoom calls from time to time in order to provide feedback and help shape the feature prior to public release. Check out an overview video here. To participate, please email josh@hugo.team to request access and be part of the beta program.
Weeks start on Monday 📅
Screen Shot 2021-09-07 at 3
The Sat/Sat columns have been moved together at the end of the date picker so that weeks now start on Monday.
Weekly meetings digest email now on Mondays 📆
Updated the delivery date of the weekly meetings recap email ("Your week in meetings") from Friday afternoon to Monday morning to help you better plan for your week ahead.
Updated buttons 🆙
Screen Shot 2021-09-07 at 3
  • Made the buttons above the meeting details smaller to reduce their footprint.
  • Added
    < Dashboard
    button to return to the dashboard.
Sep 7, 2021 🛠️
  • Fixed a number of UI bugs for the Chrome extension
  • Fix a bug where the product update pop-up would be behind the nav bar if the nav bar was collapsed
  • Fixed a number of UI bugs in the composer when scrolling through a long doc
  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from updating their payment details if they previously paid with a discount code that was now expired
Faster loading ⚡
Improvements to the loading state have sped up the fetching of new docs.
Zoom app (plz re-enable) 🎦
We've updated the Zoom integration to support upcoming functionality. If you had previously enabled the Zoom integration, click here and re-enable.
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