Public note pages show more on mobile 👀
Public docs (notes and preparation documents) now display
, and
when viewed on mobile.
Security enhancements 💂‍♀️💪
We've beefed up security to mitigate against bad actors guessing unique public links.
Performance improvements 🏃‍♀️💨💨
We have moved docs into a separate loading state for performance gains. Now it's faster to switch between meetings without having to wait for long docs to load first.
Sidebar minimizing ↔
The behavior for minimizing the actions sidebar in a note now provides more room for composing (typing).
Aug 4, 2020 🛠️
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the desktop Chrome app to freeze when left idle for long periods of time
  • Fixed some rarely-seen labels to reflect the name change from Agenda to Preparation
Print your notes, or Save as PDF 🖨
Print to PDF Meeting Notes
You can now use the print button to export a note in Hugo as a nice-looking PDF. This is great for printing, or if you need to save and email a file (instead of a public link).
Email notifications redesign 📧
Email notifications have a beautiful new look. 🦋
Plus, comment notifications now include the original note and full conversation thread to give you all the context.
Jul 27, 2020 🛠️
  • Fixed a bug impacting share suggestions
  • Resolved an issue where some tooltips would not move with content when scrolling
  • Fixed a bug where users with a lot of activity feeds could not scroll their list below the fold
  • General stability and bug fixes for multi-user collaboration based on reported bugs
In-line composing 📝
inline composing
Editing a note is now as simple as clicking into it. While the note composer is still available as a pop-out, writing notes inline should be faster and more intuitive in most cases.
Import docs between recurring meetings 📅 ➡️ 📅
My Meetings > Prepare
For recurring meetings, Hugo will offer to import docs from past meetings. This makes it easy to replicate agendas, see what happened last time, and bring forward tasks for review.
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