Doc reactions 👀 👍 ✅
React to any meeting doc with emojis.
This can be a way to share celebrations and high-fives, as well as add process to your docs.
Docs must be saved before you can react to them. To add a reaction, click the
icon either in a doc's header or below the doc.
Quick Reactions
Hugo gives you access to three quick reactions in the header by default. You can use these as simple shorthand to let others know if you've seen something, if you agree, or if you are done with a task.
Emoji Meanings:
  • 👀 -> I've seen this / Am looking at it right now
  • 👍 -> I'm onboard / aware
  • ✅ -> My tasks or sections to fill out are complete
Reactions + Slack = 💕
Reactions work especially well when sharing notes to Slack. From the Slack post, you can signal whether you've seen something or taken action, staying aligned with your coworkers with the click of a simple, tiny picture.
If you signed up before we built this feature, you may need to quickly re-authenticate Slack to enable syncing emojis between Hugo and Slack.
Support for
custom Slack emoji
is included in this release as well. Admins can set that up here.
Nov 11, 2021 🛠️
  • Fixed a bug that could cause some public links to break
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Zoom integration errors if a user was loading a meeting with a Zoom recording that they didn’t have access to
  • Fixed a bug that caused muted meetings to show up in the Meetings dashboard card
  • Fixed a minor alignment issue for users visiting the Templates library on a large monitor
✨🌟📅 Hugo Calendar 📅🌟✨
Faster than Google or Outlook, with docs baked in.
hugo calendar mock up
Get ready to close the calendar tab on your browser, because we’ve added a fully-functional calendar to Hugo.
Now you can schedule, prepare for, and collaborate on meetings in one place — without switching tabs or apps.
A Hub for Meeting Productivity.
The calendar in Hugo will be similar to what you're used to, but we’ve also improved on a typical calendar in a few areas.
In this 5 min video, Hugo CEO Josh Lowy gives you a tour of the new features, shows you how to get started, and teaches you simple tricks to make your workflow even faster.
Calendar search
calendar search 2
Using the search field above the calendar, you can now search for past/upcoming meetings even if they don’t have docs
See meeting details 🔬👀
When you have a meeting selected, below the attendee list, click
Expand details
to access the location, description, and calendar details of your event.
Hide details
to collapse the information again.
Week start day 📆
Using the new quick menu above the calendar (the three vertical dots), you can now set your week to start on Mon or Sun.
Nov 5, 2021 🛠️
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent the app from fetching the latest version of a doc if the tab remained idle for extended periods of time
  • Fixed a task bug that could cause a UI crash for some users
Calendar beta program 🌅
Note: To participate in the beta program for calendar functionality, email Check out this demo of the new features.
New updates for beta calendar users
  • The RSVP status is now displayed in the attendee list on each profile pic.
  • Added support to remove the video conferencing link from the location field when de-selecting a video conferencing provider while creating a new meeting.
Bug fixes reported by beta users
  • Fixed a bug when updating meeting details if you’re not the organizer
  • Resolved a number of bugs, brining the meeting creation experience for Office users to parity with Google users
Notification length ✂️🗒️
Notifications on extremely long meeting docs will now truncate content in order to avoid missed notifications due to docs that exceed memory limits.
Freshsales / Freshworks 🥬
Added support for choosing your domain when connecting Freshsales or Freshworks.
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